Automation Technology

Air Preparation

Correct compressed air preparation is essential for optimum performance of your pneumatic ring-main and equipment. Norgren are experts in the FRL arena, where our ranges have been at the forefront of industry for many years. Our product ranges, including Olympian Plus and Excelon Plus, are available from individual to combination units.

Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators

Pneumatic cylinders, often referred to as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic drives, are used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Norgren offers both single acting cylinders and double acting cylinders and their corresponding accessories & mountings. Our pneumatic cylinder ranges include profile cylinders, roundline cylinders, compact cylinders and rodless cylinders

Pressure Switches & Sensors

Pressure switches and sensors can be used to automatically monitor pressure levels in a pneumatic system, or be used for more complex monitoring functions in air, water, hydraulic or any neutral fluid applications.


Vacuum is used in Industrial Automation applications, especially handling & packaging and manufacturing. Vacuum allows varied size and shaped objects to be picked up or held without any damage or bruising to the component. Our range includes single stage and multi stage vacuum pumps, flat and bellows cups and supporting vacuum accessories.