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Our highly-accurate and dependable flow control and measurement solutions leverage one of the broadest, technology-rich portfolios in the industry aimed at optimizing mechanical and electrical flow metering applications worldwide.


More than a century of flow measurement expertise and a technology-rich portfolio to optimize customer applications worldwide.
Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Nutating Disc Flow Meters
Turbine Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Mass Flow Meters
Variable Area Flow Meters
Vortex Flow Meters


We are a market leader in control valve technology backed by more than 65 years of experience tailoring solutions for exacting field conditions.
Low Flow Control Valve
Standard Flange Globe Control Valve
Three-Way and Diverting Valve
Exotic Alloy Valves
Extended Bonnet (14 in.) Globe Control Valve


The High Resolution 8-dial Encoder (HR-E®) from Badger Meter uses a non-contact field-proven light emitting diode technology to provide a high resolution 8-digit reading while also eliminating the friction and wear of traditional mechanical encoders.
HR-E® LCD 4-20
HR-LCD 4-20 Scaled/Unscaled
Mass Flow Meters
HR-LCD Pulse Scaled Register
Vortex Flow Meters